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GOED represents the worldwide EPA and DHA omega-3 industry, and our membership is built on a quality standard unparalleled in the market. Our mission is to increase consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3s and ensure that our members produce quality products that consumers can trust.

How did the Clinical Study Database come to be?

The project you've been reading about on this website is the GOED Clinical Study Database. This project was a labor of love, and has been many years in the making. This project was led by Dr. Aldo Bernasconi, VP of Data Science, and all GOED staff have played various roles in this project over the years. In order to complete (and continue) this scientific endeavor, GOED worked with scientists from across the globe. These individuals worked as data extractors / research assistants / senior research assistants / project managers and spent many hours reviewing and classifying abstracts, and extracting all study data from interventional trials. Did we mention that there have been over 40,000 studies on EPA and DHA, with over 4,000 interventional studies?! GOED is grateful for the large number of people who have been part of this project over the course of many years.

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GOED Clinical Study Database Team 

Aldo Bernasconi, PhD

Vice President of Data Science Connect

Passionate about science and data-based decision making

Kaitlin Roke, PhD

Director of Scientific Communication and Outreach Connect

Omega-3 enthusiast and advocate for data-driven science communication

Allison Wilkin, PhD

Coordinator, Scientific Research Analysis Connect

Passionate about health and nutritional sciences

Christine Lee, MSc

Senior Research Assistant Connect

Dedicated to advancing initiatives focused on human health

Chelsea Furtado, MSc, BSc

Research Assistant Connect

Passionate about all things health and emphasizing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle

Gaelle Merheb, PharmD, PhD candidate

Research Assistant and 2024 Research Award Winner Connect

Passionate about research with a focus on specific therapeutic strategies 

Halliru Zailani, PhD Candidate

Research Award Winner 2024 Connect

Nutritional psychiatry research enthusiast with a focus on the roles of omega-3 in the treatment and prevention of mood disorders

Jaqueline Munhoz, PhD candidate

Research Award Winner 2024 Connect

Enthusiastic about advancing human nutrition research, particularly in the fields of lipid metabolism and immunology

Ji-Eun Chon, PhD candidate

Research Award Winner 2024 Connect

Passionate about omega-3’s role in diabetes and promoting a healthy dietary patterns

Justin Sheremeta, MSc

Research Assistant Connect

Enthusiast for food literacy, a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle

Lukasz Czochara, MBS

Research Assistant Connect

Passionate about human health, fitness and always keeping an open mind

Nada Abuknesha, PhD

Research Assistant and 2023 Research Award Winner Connect

Nutritional neuroscience research enthusiast- special interest in drug-resistant epilepsy (DRE) and ADHD. PhD investigating the effect of omega-3 supplementation in DRE and its implications for seizure control in patients

Rahbika Ashraf, PhD Candidate

Research Assistant and 2023 Research Award Winner Connect

Health enthusiast- Investigating the role omega-3 fatty acids in breast cancer prevention

Thank you to the past contributors!

Listed alphabetically by first name.

Aasritha Thotakura, BSc

Simplifying research to reach a wider audience Connect

Acacia Puddester, RD, MHSc

Registered Dietitian in support of Omega-3 fatty acids for health promotion Connect

Adrian Taylor, PhD

Medical writer and podcast enthusiast with an interest in teaching and mentorship Connect

Alexander Schwartz, PhD

Passionate about the science and application of nutrition and exercise physiology Connect

Alice Mary Iliescu, HBSc

2022-2024 Senior Research Assistant 

Synthesizing omega-3 research to encourage evidence-based decisions Connect

Amber Harnett, RN, MSc

Omega-3 aficionado, passionate about data-driven clinical decision-making 

Anna Jessop, BSc, MASc

Working to provide insight through science Connect

Brittany MacIntyre, M.Binf

Communicating evidence-based nutrition to improve public health Connect

Chris Kelaiditis, MSc, RD, PhD Candidate,

2023 Research Award Winner 

Research focuses on the therapeutic potential of omega-3 fatty acids in mental health Alice Mary Iliescu

Dita Chamoun, PhD

Focused on data-driven strategies to improve human health Connect

Emilia Kourmaeva, MSc

Passionate about health and promoting individuals to be the healthiest they can Connect

Griffin Beach, BSc, MSc Candidate

Active lifestyle enthusiast interested in how behavior impacts quality of life Connect

Ian Francis Fernandez, MB, BCh, BAO

Working towards a career in primary healthcare Connect

Irene Cheung, MPhil (MSc Equiv), RD

Striving for knowledge translation, continuous quality improvement, and capacity building to achieve health and social equity Connect

Jacob Crump, MS

Research Analyst and Database Manager Connect

Bringing better and more affordable healthcare to all

Joseph M. Plasek, PhD

Data Annotator Connect

Julia Pacosz, MSc

Passionate about community health and well-being

Karla S. Torres-Wong, BSc

Science enthusiast and passionate about product development and mystery books Connect

Katherine Suitor, MSc

Advocate for accessible quality research/data to support evidence-based practice Connect

Kyle Gordon, BSc, MMM candidate

Passionate marine researcher Connect

Laura Bockus-Thorne, RD, MAHN

Passionate about research, evidence-based practices, and interprofessional collaboration Connect

Marcela Abrego, MPH

Omega-3 enthusiast passionate about health policy research Connect

Marco Figari, BSc

Exploring different branches in R&D with a drive for biotechnology Connect

Maude Morin, MAN, RD

Senior Research Assistant Connect

Simplifying good nutrition for intentional wellness and food freedom

Nicholas Joshua Lo, MMA

Analytical decision maker with a focus on healthy active lifestyles Connect

Nicole Topakas, MSc

Healthy living and wellness enthusiast Connect

Pareesa Ali, BSc

Passionate about global health and medical science communication Connect

Roselyn Zhang, MSc RD

2021-2022 Senior Research Assistant 

Promoting healthy lifestyles through an evidenced-based approach of active living and a balanced diet Connect

Safura Syed, MSc., RD, PhD(c)

Passionate about Nutrition, Aging, and Health Connect

Salma Mani, PhD

Recently completed PhD, genetic and biotechnology engineer Connect

Sara Robinson, MSc

Ensuring regulatory compliance in the food industry, promoting safe and delicious food for all Connect

Sarthak Matravadia, PhD

Promotes a positive relationship with food and body image Connect

Sebastián Jannas-Vela, PhD

Promotes healthy lifestyle through research in physical activity Connect

Simran Bhullar, M.Sc.

Neuroscience and Nutrition enthusiast Connect

Willem Peppler, PhD

Enthusiast of the impact of diet and exercise on metabolism Connect

XinRan Quan, M.Sc

Passionate about scientific communication among the general public to promote a healthy lifestyle Connect

We would also like to thank the following individuals for their time and contributions to the Clinical Study Database (listed alphabetically by first name): Alec Chapman, Alex Rajna, Alyssa Waslyk, Catherine Clark, Carissa Collins, Danielle Antes, Elizabeth Ehrsam, Erica Rogers, Erin Carmody, Feriha Bilgen, Holly Klamer, Jamie Dillon, Jennifer Golden, Kaitlin Callahan, Kim Hoban, Kim Le, Laura Bernasconi, Liz Jacob, Lorena Teran, Louise Herbin, Meghan Carda, Nicole Christianson, and Raven Cortright.